Dermalogica Case Study


Digital Audit, Meta Ads optimization & Proverr Dashboard

2020 -2021

As a result of a digital audit for Dermalogica Australia, we identified:

  • Dermalogica had been paying too much for top-of-funnel prospecting-level Meta Platform Facebook campaigns at auction through Adroll as the interface,
  • and were relying on Adroll, for additional brand and retargeting display ads, with poor click-throughs and conversions.

  • Working this way, the client had no control over live performance and optimization.
  • Dermalogica only received perfunctory and static post-campaign reporting from Adroll with no recommendations on how to optimize to improve results. 
  • Post audit, we took over their Meta Ads activities.

What we did:

We transformed the Meta Ads Platform into a revenue driver for the brand. An example of this was the launch of Hydro Masque Exfoliant. We had conducted extensive audience testing prior to this launch and we were confident in the accuracy of our targeting, therefore:


  • We reserved and committed 50% of the advertising budget to a prospecting Reach and Frequency campaign (where an audience cannot be adjusted without resetting and pushing audience cost up).


  • For retargeting, although the cost per result of a conversion objective is normally higher than that of a link click campaign, we were certain it would return higher conversions due to our accurate audiences. To validate this assumption, we conducted an A/B test in Facebook.


  • We had previously been running retargeting campaigns as link click campaigns to maintain a low cost per result and high traffic volumes back to the website. This was what we were testing against.


  • The lower cost per sale was provided by the A/B test.



The methods we used to identify social opportunities were that we created an A/B test in Facebook for Traffic Campaign vs Conversions Campaign to determine which objective would likely deliver a lower cost per purchase. For this campaign we used Meta Ads Platform Experiments and Meta Pixel Custom Conversion Setup Tool, this was pertinent as Dermalogica was running their website on a custom platform.  We had to re-configure the Meta pixel data correctly when we took over, we adopted a reach and frequency campaign with a top-of-funnel audience and created a custom conversion using the Meta pixel to drive purchases in Conversion focused campaign activity.





The Challenges:

The challenges we faced: the e-commerce store was running on Salesforce Commerce Cloud Demandware, on a custom version of the platform with no easy automatic configurations available. It was a challenge with the developers based in the UK who were slow to respond to requests from Australia.  After correctly installing the Facebook Pixel tracking code and getting the developers to fix the technical aspects, we finally got the Facebook Pixel working properly and attributing sales.  We then used the Facebook Pixel Custom Conversion Setup tool to set up custom conversions for the purchase journey. We tracked add to cart, the addition of payment details, and final checkouts. As a result, we were able to test the Conversion objective, knowing the backend foundations were correct.



The Results:

The results of this product launch exceeded all expectations. The creative and messaging resonated with the audiences, resulting in directly attributed sales at all stages of the funnel.

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