Ready for a new view of your
digital marketing?

Ready for a new view of your digital marketing?

Proverr Performance:
Real Time Digital optimisation

Proverr Performance is a sophisticated, technical, performance measurement dashboard, built on Proverr Performance is designed to drive business growth by adopting the key strategies of performance- driven measurement.

Business Growth Metrics

Proverr Performance helps you shift your focus from solely marketing metrics to crucial business growth metrics. By defining your top business objectives as KPIs/Conversions to track, these are highlighted for you. The dashboard integrated these growth indicators with your marketing efforts, providing clear visibility of overall business objectives like revenue, profit, and customer lifetime value. By aligning your marketing strategies with these broader goals, Proverr Performance ensures you’re optimising for the outcomes you need.

 In the era of increasing user privacy expectations and phasing out third-party cookies, Proverr Performance recommends the CRM platforms (such as HubSpot) to effectively capture, and use consented first-party data. This data is critical as it’s unique to each business and provides valuable insights into customer behaviours and preferences. These insights are then used to predict outcomes, personalise customer interactions, and optimise campaigns for the best possible returns.

First-Party Data

Value assignment


Proverr Performance goes beyond tracking conversions. We can help you assign specific values to each conversion based on the unique KPIs and goals of your business, such as revenue, profit margin, or lifetime value. Using this focus on your highest-value conversions, you can maximise profitability and achieve more sustainable growth.


Proverr Performance is more than just a dashboard – it helps drive organised communication. By providing clear, actionable insights into how marketing initiatives contribute to overall business growth, it fosters a culture of data-driven decision-making across all levels of your organisation.

Organised Advocacy

Proverr Performance brings all your digital marketing into a single, unified view so you can manage and review your activity in real-time - to see your entire digital world. And rule it.

our Solution

Frustrated by countless, confusing reports from a plethora of different platforms?

Real Time

View activity as it happens. Dynamically compare previous periods (days/weeks/months/years).


See your entire digital world at a glance in a single, unified view of all your channels’ performances.


Get metrics that relate to your actual business goals like sales, leads and subscriptions.


Receive a customised, Proverr Performance Marketing Funnel, elegantly visualised according to your business goals.


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