Social ads, digital optimisation,

brand development.


Our most recent ongoing client is Genea Australia, a leading fertility specialist organisation, operating within a highly saturated market characterised by aggressive competition.

Genea is distinguished by being the top fertility specialist by IVF success in the relevant age groups.

Our ongoing work is to create and build social and digital profiles for selected fertility specialists in the most competitive areas, run social and digital advertising, and optimise weekly, based on performance metrics. Read below for more details

The Challenge: 

Genea’s brief was clear: attract and engage individuals seeking fertility solutions without getting lost in the oversaturated fertility marketing arena. Their target demographic comprises individuals or couples struggling with fertility issues, a sensitive group in need of personalised attention, reassurance, and high-quality medical solutions. The challenge was to effectively portray individual fertility doctors as accessible, skilled, and empathetic professionals, rather than distant medical practitioners.


Our Tasks:

    • Building a unique and personal brand around each fertility specialist,

    • Promoting the doctors through Google Ads and Meta Facebook ads,

    • Enhancing website content and search engine optimisation,

    • Social content creation and management of organic social channels,

    • Development of a personalised Proverr Performance dashboard.


What we do: 

Firstly, we introduced a unique, personal branding approach for fertility specialists, aiming to foster trust and familiarity between doctors and prospective patients.


Secondly, we run localised marketing through Google Ads and Meta Facebook ads, offering high-quality fertility solutions to specific geographical areas. This strategy, coupled with the focus on individual doctors, is designed to make create a connection between potential clients and their future fertility specialist.


We track the digital advertising, Google Ads and Meta Platform social ads (Facebook, Instagram) through a personalised Prover Performance data dashboard, displaying KPI metrics from Ad Impressions and Reach, to website visits, time spent, pages viewed, forms filled, calls made; enabling us to make performance-based marketing decisions and optimise for success.