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Meet the data whisperer

T I P   G L O R I A

Founder & Data Whisperer

Tip sees the world of digital marketing like the Bluebottle Butterfly: clearly and completely.

A thought leader across the entire field — from social and digital strategy to campaign planning and execution, digital transformation and everything in between — Tip has worked in the field since 1996, before it was even called digital marketing. 

Her breadth and depth of experience, across global agencies and as an independent consultant, covers local and international brands across all industry and government sectors.


Through Proverr Performance, she is already helping out partners and end customers in Health and Beauty, Fashion, FMCG, Retail Malls, Medical, Government and more.

Whatever your business, and whatever your goals, she can whisper your data into shape. And help you see.


Meet Mikaela Barton, the digital marketing whizz! With 8 years of experience in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, Mikaela has conquered industries ranging from fin-tech to hospitality, leaving her mark everywhere she goes.


Her superpower lies in crafting captivating digital ads and unleashing performance-based marketing strategies.


Mikaela’s creative capabilities shines as she weaves her magic across diverse platforms. From Google Ads to Facebook Ads, she fearlessly navigates the digital realm, driving traffic, boosting conversions, and conjuring impressive ROI. With her trusty data wand, Mikaela delves deep into analytics, conjuring insights and optimising campaigns to perfection.

M I K A E L A   B A R T O N 

Digital Performance Executive

Results Driven Approach

We deliver measurable results through data-driven strategies and optimized digital campaigns

Client Centric Mindset

Our clients’ goals and needs are at the forefront of our work, fostering open communication and collaboration

Innovation & Adaptability

We embrace change, staying ahead with innovative solutions and adapting strategies to drive continuous improvement.

Transparency & Integrity

We conduct business with utmost transparency and integrity, providing clear insights into our processes and performance.

Love digital

Passionately driven by our love for all things digital, we deliver measurable results through innovative strategies, client-centric collaboration, and continuous learning.

Collaboration & Teamwork

We foster a collaborative environment, harnessing the collective expertise to create innovative solutions and achieve shared success.

Meet The bluebottle butterfly

This little creature is unique. While most animals use three photoreceptors to see their environment, she uses 15. Only four are used for day-to-day colour vision, while the other are used in specific environments, such as picking out objects hidden in vegetation.

This allows her to reveal a reality others can’t see. (Not unlike The Data Whisperer)


Proverr Performance is the Bluebottle Butterfly of digital marketing…

Digital marketing is changing by the day. If you can’t see what you’re doing right, and where you can be better, you’re at a serious disadvantage. Without real-time digital optimisation, you could be wasting your ad spend, and running blind to a hidden world of opportunity. Welcome to Proverr Performance.

Real-time Digital Optimisation.