No Gap Surgery

No Gap Surgery – Healthe Care

Lead Generation Marketing Stack. From website build, to digital ads and performance tracking. 


No Gap Surgery was set up as the “other side” of Self Pay Surgery, designed for Silver or Gold tier health fund contributors, looking for hip or knee replacements in a private hospital with no gap to pay on the surgery.


Healthe Care Surgical pro-actively sought deals with 3 Australian private health funds, HCF, Medibank Private and NIB where the surgeons and the individual Healthe Care hospitals combined forces to provide patients with zero out of pocket expenses for knee and hip surgeries.


The original website was built on an outdated Craft CMS, with a contact form which did not load properly. More than 8 months after launch not a single contact was made, and the client asked for help and a new approach.

What we did:

  • Design and Build of a new self-hosted WordPress website with managed hosting through WPEngine;
  • Customised the plugins to be as minimal as possible;
  • Created a Hubspot CRM account to include marketing and Sales Hubs, embedded the customised contact form on the website;
  • Made a Hubspot workflow automations emailing relevant brochures on the completion of the contact form;
  • Google Tag Manager setup to manage conversions for applicable as platforms (Google and Meta)
  • Proverr Performance Dashboard combining HubSpot contact data, with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Meta Ads, and Google My Business.



This has become a case study for the importance of a solid WordPress website as the foundation for a lead-generation marketing stack. The new website is ranking more highly in organic search with a year-on-year increase in organic traffic of X%. The Meta and Google Ads conversions are tracked, as are all the locations and enquiries on a single Proverr Performance Dashboard.