See Your Digital Universe In Real Time​​

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Is your agency or reporting tool still only feeding back on your campaigns after-the-fact?

Do the metrics you get make real sense to your specific business goals?


Proverr Performance Dashboards are live.Our data is never more than 12 hours old. Your metrics are as close to real-time, as your ad platforms are.


You get a single, real-time view of your entire digital world, customised to your actual business goals – for the metrics you really need to see.

And it doesn’t end there. We also translate your metrics into language you can understand, showing you how, where and why your customers are taking action — and what you can do to improve your digital performance.


 Your Proverr Performance Dashboard can also be emailed to you daily, weekly, or at any frequency you want.

our Solution

Real Time

View activity as it happens. Dynamically compare previous periods (days/weeks/months/years).


See your entire digital world at a glance in a single, unified view of all your channels’ performances.


Receive a customised Marketing Funnel, elegantly visualised according to your business goals.


Get metrics that relate to your actual business goals like sales, leads and subscriptions.

Always On

Compare multiple campaigns and channels, to see and know where your sales and leads are coming from.


Involve any number of team members to view and act on their own reporting -- with personalised, automated reports emailed to them at any frequency you want.

Reveal your reality

Take control of your business


How many people need to view your content before you make a sale? How many people are engaged with your brand? What channels work best for you? Proverr Performance reveals the reality of your entire digital world so you can take control of your marketing. See how every ad, every campaign and every platform is performing through the entire path-to-sale, with a clear view of the changes you need to make to keep your performance on track.

There is so much data available — but what is it telling you? Proverr Performance saves you time by bringing all your metrics together to show you exactly what you need to see for your specific business goals. In real-time, you can review and refine your campaign and channel performance, and make the changes that get you the results you’re after.

Review and refine

Save valuable time for you and your team

Recalibrating is rewarding

Make money.

Proverr Performance puts the power in your hands. Recalibrate your platform usage and campaign activity according to your business goals, so you can drive real outcomes and earnings. Highlights issues as they arise, with on-tap advice for how to address them and maximise your spend for optional ROI.

Never before have you had such reach and control over all your digital marketing activity.


The Proverr Performance dashboard lets you see how your ad spend is working at each stage of the path-to-purchase, by directly linking to the live data sources of your platforms.


So you can reach more customers more often, with more targeted spend.

Reimagine your reach

Get a single, unified view of your entire digital world