Real time Optimisation for Your Digital Marketing

Proverr Performance brings all your digital marketing into a single, unified view so you can manage and review your activity in real-time — to see your entire digital world. And rule it.

Our solutions measures how your digital marketing is performing against your defined, business targets, we can highlight issues as they arise, and if you need us to, advise what to do about them.


A Proverr Performance Dashboard starts with a single view of your digital universe, so you can see how your ad spend is working at each stage of the path to purchase (or lead generation).

Your custom Proverr Performance Dashboard links directly to the live data sources of your ad platforms, your social channels and your website – a Dynamic data view to show you what you need to see.

 Instead of waiting days or weeks for static reports which are instantly out of date, you can continuously improve your digital marketing performance – as its happening.

You immediately see all contribution of each platform to your business objectives at every step of the funnel, and we can show you where to optimise – whether weekly or monthly.

See a live example of the Proverr dashboard and your digital universe in one page. You can interact with the dashboard by changing the date range (top right) to see how the dashboard updates all data fields – live.